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DOT2DOT Branding is built on a foundation of core values.

Our vision and values dictate that we scrutinise each step of our process from design, and all the way through the manufacturing journey. Our goal is to tread lightly whilst providing peerless, sustainable products for our clients.

We welcome each client into our culture with a wide range of eco materials. The research into new cutting edge products is only a small portion of our commitment. Logistics and suppliers are all considered when going through the development process as we strive to become a well rounded, respectful organisation within our industry. Our goal at DOT2DOT Branding is to be the industries trusted provider. We hand pick each partner with this in mind, ensuring we work along side like minded organisations exclusively. We believe it is important everyone we work alongside shares our vision and principals. DOT2DOT Branding and/or its partners participate in the following certifications, audits and memberships:

Corporate social responsibility

DOT2DOT Branding will always strive to consider the environmental impact of its actions as well as the actions of the companies supply chain, both international and domestic. We believe that all businesses should be accountable for their environmental and social impact.

Each of DOT2DOT’s partners is monitored on a continuous basis, if any company DOT2DOT associated with is found in breach of law or is breaking prior agreements, DOT2DOT will take action that may result in a termination of the partnership.

The Core Values of DOT2DOT ensure we act in a responsible manner. These Values cover environmental issues as well as social, including good working conditions for all.

DOT2DOT is in continuous contact with its supply chain and partners to ensure our standards are being adhered too. We provide feedback as well as welcome it. An action plan will be provided by the Directors of DOT2DOT if deemed necessary, this will include clear goals and timescales for the corrections.

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